(If you cannot attend your scheduled riding session or to see if riding has been cancelled due to bad weather)

Sometimes you may have to cancel your scheduled riding session. In that case, call or email SHARE so that we can update our schedule.

For emails, please use the following:

It is best to use the email only for “early” cancellations (up to 2 hours before your assigned riding time) as we do not check the email accounts once we start getting the horses ready to go.

You may call the barn (979) 690-2364 to find out if riding is cancelled due to inclement weather or other problems. This phone has voice mail.

You may call the house if you are doing a weather check early in the morning or shortly before an evening ride (979) 690-9341.

Additionally, the cell phone is (979) 229-6637. The cell phone is an excellent number to use when traveling to a competition or if you need to speak to the SHARE director and do not find anyone at either of the above numbers.

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